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February 25, 2016

Three Weeks!

I have neglected to update my blocks for the Quilt Along! I have 3 weeks to show you...

Week #4.
The top block is from the Moda Sampler Block Shuffle, Block #4, done in blue and white civil war fabrics. I love this combination! It is so simple and cute.
The bottom block is my choice of a Heart block, which is my sister, Jann's suggestion on the schedule. It is done in red and tan, with the red making a sort-of-squished-to-the-side heart shape. I didn't want an obvious heart shape in this quilt. The block is from The Farmer's Wife, Block #75, Rosebud. It was pretty easy to make. I'd like to make another in a different color. I saw it in another book with the points and the two rounded top of the heart in different colors, so it didn't look very much like a heart. I wonder how that would look?

Week #5
This week, I chose PURPLE and white Civil War fabric for the Sampler Block. I love Churn Dash blocks!
For the second block, I chose to make The Farmer's Wife, Block #44, Gentleman's Fancy, as my choice of a square in a square option. I love the cheddar but I am hoping that it will not be too harsh in my quilt. I am, of course, adding more cheddar in the coming blocks.

Week #6
For Week #6, I chose Red, Black and White for the Moda Sampler Block #6- Star. (Why is this picture so blurry? Yikes!)

And, the challenge for the second block was to make a Log Cabin Block. I couldn't find a traditional Log Cabin block pattern, so I did an online search and found this modern version of the Log Cabin Block. It is from the Super Simple Sampler, which is a modern 6" block sampler. This is the modern log cabin block from the blog.

I also chose to make a Schoolhouse Block with Marti Michell templates as a joke. I couldn't find a Log Cabin Block, so I make a Log Cabin! Well, I think it's funny, anyway!

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