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January 18, 2017

Where Have You Been?

I have to laugh when I look back at my last post. It's been almost a whole year! A whole year! That's amazing to me... and so sad.

Jann and I were very enthusiastic about piecing The Farmers Wive blocks with our quilt retreat friends.  Then, we realized that Jann and I were piecing the blocks ALONE. No one else in the group was piecing them with us. So, we quit. If no one else was working on them according to the schedule that we had set up, then we didn't need to feel the pressure to get the blocks done either. I have made more blocks, but I haven't posted them. I will get back to them next month after my Mom goes home. Actually, one of the reasons that I quit piecing them was that I had to clean up the sewing space in the dining room and I just haven't gotten back to them. There just isn't enough room upstairs in my quilting studio to cut and sew the blocks. The Farmers Wife blocks take a lot of room with all of the fabrics and block pattern pieces and somewhere to organize them... It just takes a lot of room. I think that I will take over the dining room again and start cutting out the blocks again in February. That will make it a One Year Anniversary project!

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