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February 18, 2019

2019 Update

I thought that it would be interesting to update where I am in my:

February To Do List

(Let's make that My February 2019 To Do List)

  • Go through the quilting closet.
I now have over 40 quilt tops in boxes, waiting to be quilted. It's still time to go through them and either quilt them or give them away to someone else. My first step is still to make a list of the quilt tops. 

Put it on my 2019 "Whenever I get into the Trailer and go through the boxes and bring the quilt tops into the house" To Do List.
  • Collect fabric and patterns.
When we moved, I had a chance to clean up and organize my quilt fabric and patterns into project bins. Now, it is all out in our trailer in my Mom's backyard. I have a plan to go through the boxes this week and find my "old friends". Don't you feel that way about your quilts? They are my friends. I really love them by the time that I've sewn the last stitch on the binding. (Or, to be honest, sometimes I hate the quilt by the time it is finished. Those are usually eternally just quilt tops.) So, let's get that organized in February 2019!

Put it on my February 2019  "Go out to the Trailer and spend some time looking for "old friends" To Do List.
    • Throw out fabric!
    I did go through the bins of fabric and throw out fabric when I was packing up the quilting studio to leave Dallas. I gave away some. I threw out some. I kept most of it. I did sort the boxes and organize the fabrics by color and project. I need to know go through them again, now that we are in Longview, and decide if I seriously want to keep it and make a quilt out of it. In full disclosure, I have already given away my box of brights for a childrens charity quilt that my new quilt group is making next month. It could make many quilts. Maybe that is the answer. I need to make another childrens charity quilt to go with the group's quilt!  

    Put it on my March 2019 To Do List. Make a bright, colorful charity quilt to give with the quilt group.

    February 17, 2019

    My Past Year

    It has been an interesting year for me.

    We sold our house in Rowlett (gave away most of our furniture) and moved to Longview, Washington to help my mother in June.

    I have not had my longarm up since March 2018. I had to stop quilting and break down the longarm to begin the move. Now, almost a year later, it's still not put up at my Mom's house. I hope to have it up in the next month.

    I have still been piecing quilt tops. I completed 15 quilt tops in 2018. I have completed one each month so far in 2019. That has made me very happy. I finished the gray and turquoise Winding Ways quilt top in January. And, I finished a 30s and 40s Reproductions jelly roll quilt top in February. It looks like a sweet summer quilt.

    I plan to keep piecing this year. It is my peace, my solice, my creative outlet.

    January 29, 2018

    My February To Do List

    My February To Do List

    • Go through the quilting closet.
    I have 20-30 quilt tops hanging in my closet. It's time to go through them and either quilt them or give away for someone else to quilt and to love. My first step is to make a list of the quilt tops hanging in the closet. Put it on my February To Do List.
    • Collect fabric and patterns.
    I have piles of fabric around my quilting studio that represent different quilts that I want to make. I spend thousands of dollars collecting this fabric. I need to put it together with the pattern and get it cut and ready to sew. Let's get that organized in February. Put it on my February To Do List.
    • Throw out fabric!
    I need to go through the bins of fabric and throw out the ugly, undesireable, poor quality fabric that I still have in the bins. I have fabric stored by color and also my style of fabric. And, there are project bins, too. It's time to look through them and see if I still want to make the quilt and if I still like the fabric. If not, throw it out or give it away. Put it on my February To Do List.

    What was I thinking when I bought it???

    I have been happily going through my quilting things...and thinking about my quilting stash...And, it's time to let go of a lot of my collection. I need to ask my Mom, my sister, Jann and my friend, Elizabeth, if they want some of my fabric...fabric that I don't want anymore. I am just not enthusiastic about some of it anymore.

    What was I thinking when I bought it???

    I bought a certain fabric collection at the Houston Quilt Show several years ago...lots of it...several hundred dollars of it!...but, now, I find it boring. I've been thinking that I should make a quilt with it but I don't have enough enthusiasm to even come up with a pattern. It's time to share it with someone else. Who? Hmmm? Elizabeth? Maybe, would your niece like a quilt made from it?

    So, I gave the fabric collection to Jann. She was with me when I bought the fabric. She was part of the crazy enthusaism when we first saw the fabric collection. She deserves to have it now. I wonder what she will make our of it....

    December 13, 2017

    "give it to someone else to do"

    My return and report time...

    I spent time with the boxes in my closet! I pulled out all of the knitting projects that I started and didn't finish, the yarn that I bought for dreamed about projects, a half knitted pair of slippers, some started dishclothes and hot pad holders and my half knitted pair of socks (meaning one sock). That was a great start on my closet clean out! And it was just the knitting!

    My Mom is here visiting so she is supporting me in my knitting the other sock. I know how to knit, but I don't really know how to knit. You know what I mean? There are terms and details that I just don't understand how to do. I will use her knowledge while she is here to get myself a PAIR of socks finished!

    I also finished one dishcloth and started another. I have spent some time working on a hot pad hold. I have about half of it finished. I gave my Mom the beautiful blue-gray yarn that I bought to knit a shawl about 10 years ago. My Mom loves the yarn! And, I am bored of it and will never use it. It is a perfect solution to my UFO dilemma. There is a varigated blues yarn (that I also bought for a shawl) that we are still discussing if Mom will take it or if it would make a good pair of socks. I'm voting for Mom to take it. She's voting that I use it to knit more socks. Hmmm, no...thank you! I have a feeling that one pair of socks may be my limit.



    "The noun retreat means a place you can go to be alone, to get away from it all.  A spot under a shady tree might be your favorite retreat from the sun."

    "The act of pulling back or withdrawing, as from something dangerous or unpleasant."

    "A peaceful, quiet place affording privacy or security."

    "A period of retirement, selusion or solitude."

    "A period of meditation, prayer or study."

    I recently went to a BYU Alumni quilting retreat in Galveston, TX. I did feel as though it was a withdrawl from ordinary life. It was a peaceful experience but with friendship and laughter. I learned a lot from the other women, so it was a time for study as well...well, quilt study!

    It was my 7th year to attend the retreat in Galveston. I was blessed to be able to go and visit with my quilting friends. We have formed a wonderful bond through the years of quilting together for just 5 days each year. I am grateful for these friends.

    December 01, 2017

    "give it to someone else to do"

    I was reading through my past posts and found this one from April 2, 2017. It is a quote from Pat Sloan. I'd like to revisit it.

    A morning email from Pat Sloan, asked the question,

    "What do you do if you get stuck in a rut
     about a project?"

    This is Pat Sloan's answer.

    "So many times people ask me what to do if they get in a rut about a project.
    I've been mulling this over, I even got solutions from my Guest Emily Herrick on my talk show last week (Listen HERE)
    Last month at Instagram one question was to share your 'oldest UFO' and then I wondered.... WHY is it the oldest?
    Ask yourself "Why don't I work on a project?" There is a reason.
    It might be
    * You felt you didn't have the skills needed, so got stuck
    * You only have a little bit to do and for some reason don't work on it, maybe it's bulky and your table needs cleared before you have room to work on it.
    * You actually have fallen 'out of love' with this project.
    Here is Pat's solutions. 
    1. Pick ONE item to deal with. NOT all of them... Just ONE. 
    2. Pick a project you know you CAN decide on easily 
    3. Evaluate your skills, I'll bet you have them now! (or take a great class to learn!) 
    4. Fix whatever is keeping you from getting to it. Clear the table, make the binding, find the floss, or give it to someone else to do."
    So...What caught my eye, and mind, was the part,
    "give it to someone else to do"

    But, how can I let my "old friend" project go? I feel so guilty. 

    Why don't we want to give our old projects to someone else? Why do we hang on to it and treasure it, but won't give it away. What does it take to get to the point where we can let it go?

    Hmmm?.... I have projects that are 10 years old. I need to let them go. I am tired of them. I'm bored of them. They fill up my closet. It's time to let them go. 

    It's TIME!

    So, where to begin? When I have a little bit of time today, I need to go through the boxes at the top of my sewing closet. I know that there is stuff up there that I will never get back to working on... beading, knitting, painting, wool yarn felting... Let it go!

    I want to focus on quilting, so those other things are not going to get any more of my attention. If I haven't paid attention by now, I never will.

    Time to get to work!

    Where does the time go? Part 2

    I could copy my last post and repost it today! How weird is life?!

    I went to a Quilt Retreat in Galveston in November and came home sick. VERY sick! One of the ladies came to the retreat, saying that her allergies were bad, but nope, she was sick with the flu. So, I came home sick and am just now starting to feel normal after 3 weeks of sickness!

    During those 3 weeks, I was able to sit down and sew a few Winding Ways blocks a few minutes at a time. It was exhausting to sew for very long. But, I'm loving the blocks and the part of the quilt that I have sewed together.

    I am making a variety of grays and whites quilt with just one block of turquoise for an accent piece. It has the four points in the neighboring blocks to complete the star effect. I love the look of it!

    August 16, 2017

    Where did the summer go!!?

     I had such high hopes to quilt all summer when I went to visit my Mother. BUT, life intervened! I hardly sewed at all. I think that I actually sat down and sewed at my machine 3 days... out of 2 months!

    May 07, 2017

    May Quilts

    I have high hopes for my May quilts! I have been cutting out  multiple quilts from my stash of 30's and 40's Reproductions fabrics. I brought the box out in January to complete a quilt and it is still sitting out. I decided that I want to make a whole bunch of quilts from that fabric stash this year, so I have began cutting. I have plans for at least 3 quilts from this stash...Feedsacks, Disappearing Pinwheels and Flowerpots... all from free patterns that I found on the internet. That makes me very happy!