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February 18, 2019

2019 Update

I thought that it would be interesting to update where I am in my:

February To Do List

(Let's make that My February 2019 To Do List)

  • Go through the quilting closet.
I now have over 40 quilt tops in boxes, waiting to be quilted. It's still time to go through them and either quilt them or give them away to someone else. My first step is still to make a list of the quilt tops. 

Put it on my 2019 "Whenever I get into the Trailer and go through the boxes and bring the quilt tops into the house" To Do List.
  • Collect fabric and patterns.
When we moved, I had a chance to clean up and organize my quilt fabric and patterns into project bins. Now, it is all out in our trailer in my Mom's backyard. I have a plan to go through the boxes this week and find my "old friends". Don't you feel that way about your quilts? They are my friends. I really love them by the time that I've sewn the last stitch on the binding. (Or, to be honest, sometimes I hate the quilt by the time it is finished. Those are usually eternally just quilt tops.) So, let's get that organized in February 2019!

Put it on my February 2019  "Go out to the Trailer and spend some time looking for "old friends" To Do List.
    • Throw out fabric!
    I did go through the bins of fabric and throw out fabric when I was packing up the quilting studio to leave Dallas. I gave away some. I threw out some. I kept most of it. I did sort the boxes and organize the fabrics by color and project. I need to know go through them again, now that we are in Longview, and decide if I seriously want to keep it and make a quilt out of it. In full disclosure, I have already given away my box of brights for a childrens charity quilt that my new quilt group is making next month. It could make many quilts. Maybe that is the answer. I need to make another childrens charity quilt to go with the group's quilt!  

    Put it on my March 2019 To Do List. Make a bright, colorful charity quilt to give with the quilt group.

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