My Gammill

September 29, 2015

Thread Scraps Jam

A little thing that I'm doing with my quilting project is:
I throw all of my cutting scraps into one of my Bonne Maman jam jars.
I love these jars! I began collecting them several years ago.
We've eaten a lot of delicious jam to get a lot of jars!

 I love to see the colors come together in the jar!
It is my X & + Quilt Project Jar.

September 12, 2015

Lori Holt- Quilty Zip Pocket Tutorial

I was delighted to receive an email this morning from Lori Holt with this very cute sewing bag tutorial. She has so many fun blocks and ideas! Go see her blog, Bee In My Bonnet!

September 02, 2015


Another project that I"m currently working on is a crazy, fun one for me. I was recently at a quilt store in Vancouver, WA, called Fiddlesticks. It is an amazing store. It is my new favorite store! While shopping there with my sister, Jann and my Mother, Sheila, I spied a pattern that I loved but I didn't buy it. It haunted me all night! Haunted me! I couldn't sleep for thinking about and planned that quilt! So, the next morning, when I saw Jann, I said, "I have to go back to Fiddlesticks today. I have to buy that pattern!" Jann laughed and said, "Me, too!" She had seen several patterns that she loved and didn't buy. Do you see a life pattern here? So, we went back to Fiddlesticks!

This the pattern that I couldn't get out of my head.

X&+ by Zen Chic
I love her patterns and fabrics!

This is the fabric kit that I bought, with the pattern in it.
It is Kaffe Fassett fabric!
I have never sewn with his fabrics before. They are so scary!
But, I'm loving working with them. They are such Happy fabric!

This is a little thing that I like to do when I'm sewing half square triangles.
I sew another stitching line on the other side of half square triangle sewing line, to create another, smaller, half square triangle. I use the smaller one to make a cute border for the same quilt. OR, I use it to create another quilt! If you save up enough of these smaller half square triangles, 
eventually you will have a whole scrappy Half Square Triangle quilt!

I trim each of them down to a 2" square and then sewed them together to create a Pinwheel block.

Aren't they sweet?

The background fabric that I am using for this quilt is 
Michael Miller Stitched Squares.
I love the whole line of Stitched Squares and Stitched Circles!

August 21, 2015

Red and White Churn Dash Blocks

Okay, let's get back to work! But, quilting is never work, right? It's lots of fun!

I am currently working on several projects. One of them is a red and white Churn Dash quilt.

I love red and white quilts! They are just such happy quilts!

This quilt is from
The pattern is free!

My sister, Jann and I has a Churn-Dash-Fest a few weeks ago and made 120 of the quilt blocks!
We divided them between us and each took home 60 to use in a quilt someday. 
It was a lot of fun to see them all together. Fun, don't you think?

The pattern that I have been working on is from 
Carla is a member of a Modern Quilt Group and likes to work with fun, crazy, modern fabrics. 
I really enjoy looking at what she is doing. It inspires me.

I'm working with fabrics that are more traditional. There are some fun, crazy fabrics in these blocks, too. There are chevrons, stripes, polka dots and even some coke bottles!
Do you see the coke bottle shape?

I have been thinking about how to use the blocks... what layout to use.
These are a few of my ideas.

None of these feel quite right, yet.
Something more needs to be added.
Some twist that would make it extra-special and exciting.