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December 01, 2017

"give it to someone else to do"

I was reading through my past posts and found this one from April 2, 2017. It is a quote from Pat Sloan. I'd like to revisit it.

A morning email from Pat Sloan, asked the question,

"What do you do if you get stuck in a rut
 about a project?"

This is Pat Sloan's answer.

"So many times people ask me what to do if they get in a rut about a project.
I've been mulling this over, I even got solutions from my Guest Emily Herrick on my talk show last week (Listen HERE)
Last month at Instagram one question was to share your 'oldest UFO' and then I wondered.... WHY is it the oldest?
Ask yourself "Why don't I work on a project?" There is a reason.
It might be
* You felt you didn't have the skills needed, so got stuck
* You only have a little bit to do and for some reason don't work on it, maybe it's bulky and your table needs cleared before you have room to work on it.
* You actually have fallen 'out of love' with this project.
Here is Pat's solutions. 
1. Pick ONE item to deal with. NOT all of them... Just ONE. 
2. Pick a project you know you CAN decide on easily 
3. Evaluate your skills, I'll bet you have them now! (or take a great class to learn!) 
4. Fix whatever is keeping you from getting to it. Clear the table, make the binding, find the floss, or give it to someone else to do."
So...What caught my eye, and mind, was the part,
"give it to someone else to do"

But, how can I let my "old friend" project go? I feel so guilty. 

Why don't we want to give our old projects to someone else? Why do we hang on to it and treasure it, but won't give it away. What does it take to get to the point where we can let it go?

Hmmm?.... I have projects that are 10 years old. I need to let them go. I am tired of them. I'm bored of them. They fill up my closet. It's time to let them go. 

It's TIME!

So, where to begin? When I have a little bit of time today, I need to go through the boxes at the top of my sewing closet. I know that there is stuff up there that I will never get back to working on... beading, knitting, painting, wool yarn felting... Let it go!

I want to focus on quilting, so those other things are not going to get any more of my attention. If I haven't paid attention by now, I never will.

Time to get to work!

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