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December 01, 2017

Where does the time go? Part 2

I could copy my last post and repost it today! How weird is life?!

I went to a Quilt Retreat in Galveston in November and came home sick. VERY sick! One of the ladies came to the retreat, saying that her allergies were bad, but nope, she was sick with the flu. So, I came home sick and am just now starting to feel normal after 3 weeks of sickness!

During those 3 weeks, I was able to sit down and sew a few Winding Ways blocks a few minutes at a time. It was exhausting to sew for very long. But, I'm loving the blocks and the part of the quilt that I have sewed together.

I am making a variety of grays and whites quilt with just one block of turquoise for an accent piece. It has the four points in the neighboring blocks to complete the star effect. I love the look of it!

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