My Gammill

December 13, 2017

"give it to someone else to do"

My return and report time...

I spent time with the boxes in my closet! I pulled out all of the knitting projects that I started and didn't finish, the yarn that I bought for dreamed about projects, a half knitted pair of slippers, some started dishclothes and hot pad holders and my half knitted pair of socks (meaning one sock). That was a great start on my closet clean out! And it was just the knitting!

My Mom is here visiting so she is supporting me in my knitting the other sock. I know how to knit, but I don't really know how to knit. You know what I mean? There are terms and details that I just don't understand how to do. I will use her knowledge while she is here to get myself a PAIR of socks finished!

I also finished one dishcloth and started another. I have spent some time working on a hot pad hold. I have about half of it finished. I gave my Mom the beautiful blue-gray yarn that I bought to knit a shawl about 10 years ago. My Mom loves the yarn! And, I am bored of it and will never use it. It is a perfect solution to my UFO dilemma. There is a varigated blues yarn (that I also bought for a shawl) that we are still discussing if Mom will take it or if it would make a good pair of socks. I'm voting for Mom to take it. She's voting that I use it to knit more socks. Hmmm, no...thank you! I have a feeling that one pair of socks may be my limit.

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