My Gammill

January 29, 2018

What was I thinking when I bought it???

I have been happily going through my quilting things...and thinking about my quilting stash...And, it's time to let go of a lot of my collection. I need to ask my Mom, my sister, Jann and my friend, Elizabeth, if they want some of my fabric...fabric that I don't want anymore. I am just not enthusiastic about some of it anymore.

What was I thinking when I bought it???

I bought a certain fabric collection at the Houston Quilt Show several years ago...lots of it...several hundred dollars of it!...but, now, I find it boring. I've been thinking that I should make a quilt with it but I don't have enough enthusiasm to even come up with a pattern. It's time to share it with someone else. Who? Hmmm? Elizabeth? Maybe, would your neice like a quilt made from it?

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