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March 30, 2017

February and March Quilt Tops

The end of March is here. Where did the month go? Where did February go, for that matter?

February was a Quilt Productive month, but not as fantastic as January.
In February, I finished 3 quilt tops.

Bringing Home the Christmas Tree (2017)

Is it weird that the quilt is a night quilt? My memories of bringing home a Christmas tree always are about night time. We went out to get the Christmas tree after Mom and Dad came home from work and in the winter it gets dark early. So, Bringing Home the Christmas Tree is at night, under a full moon!

This is from a wool quilt pattern, that I just changed it up a bit. I made it much bigger. I added a dark starry sky and a full moon. I added a hill and several stumps where the trees were already cut down. It is a cozy quilt from cozy memories. It makes me very happy. 

Black and Green Garlic Knots (2017)

This quilt was done with my Mom's quilt group in Washington during their quilt retreat. I, of course, made my completely different than everyone else. I chose black for my background and a variety of greens. (Everyone else used white background and a mixture of colors.) I also made my quilt much larger than theirs. I just like twin size quilts.

Red and White Nine Patch and Snowball Blocks (2017)

I made the Nine Patch blocks for our BYU Alumni Quilt Retreat two years ago. We did a group exchange and I made a quilt top with these nine patch blocks and some churn dash blocks that I made. I didn't like the quilt top at all!

So, I took it all apart and seperated the nine patch and churn dash blocks and set them aside for a year. Then I was recently looking through Pinterest and saw this quilt design- nine patch and snowball blocks. I like how the reds blend together and the quilt looks rather old fashioned.

And, I made 3 Sewing Bags. 
Sadly, the free pattern is no longer available on the RJR website.
They are so cute!
I am making more sewing bags today. They are addictive!

In March, I finished 2 quilt tops. Only 2!

Headed North (2017)
This pattern was from the Modern Quilt Guild online named Meeting of the Geese..
 I chose gray and white with a dark turquoise for the geese.
To me, the gray looked like a color called Seattle Gray. Seattle gray, rainy skies.
So, I changed the quilt to fit my impressions of Seattle.
The geese all are going the same direction- North to Seattle.
I added extra rows at the top and bottom to make it twin size and added a few more flying geese.
And, for the backing, I chose fabric called Rain, rain, go away!

Nita's 30's Reproduction Feedsacks (2017)
I started this quilt years ago but decided to finish it and give it to a friend, Nita.
They are all 30's Reproduction fabrics with a muted green background.
I love the calmness of this quilt.
Cozy and Calm.

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