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February 01, 2017

January is for Quilting!

January was an amazing month for me...Quilt-wise. My Mom has been here visiting with me since Christmas. She is a Quilt Pusher! She asked me to look through my boxes and bags and forgotten spaces and find some quilts that I had abandoned.

Mom is a Finisher. And, I am a Let's-Move-On-To-Another-Exciting-Project kind of quilter. So, I've taken advantage of Mom's support/enthusiasm and have finished 8 Quilts this month!

I have been very enthusiastic about piecing quilts this month...old, sitting in the closet unmade, UFO's, some as old as 11 years old unfinished Quilts. This is my list:

I have finished the Mama Made It Celebration Sampler that I started in 2005.

I have finished the One Block Wonder Quilt made from Kaffe Fassett fabric that I started in 2007.

I have finished the Grandma's Scrappy Stars 30's and 40's Reproduction Quilt that I cut out in 2008 and started sewing the blocks last September. I was reminded of the quilt by my Mom. She had wanted to start sewing her blocks for the quilt and so, I brought my bag of cut blocks to sew along with her. I made 24 blocks and ended up only using 20 blocks.
So, my Mom has 4 more blocks to add to her collection.

I have finished a Black and Brights Squares and Stripes Quilt #1 that I started last summer. I had to rethink it and remake it and I finished it in January. (2017)

I have finished a Black and Brights Squares and Stripes Quilt #2 with the leftovers from #1. I had to make a few more blocks and I had an almost instant second quilt! (2017)

I have finished a Black and Brights Squares and Stripes Baby Quilt. After making a few more blocks I was able to make a 9 block baby quilt. Those darn blocks just kept growing!
I made 2 quilts from the "leftovers"! (2017)

I have finished a White, Cream and Tan Texas Blocks Quilt. I was part of an Exchange Group in 2012 that we were focusing on making white, cream and tan blocks. It was hard for me to keep the fabrics so calm! I found some quilt fabric at Creations Quilt Store in Kerrville, Texas, that was a Texas toile. I used it in some of the blocks and highlighted certain scenes from Texas... The Alamo, the stockyards, oil derrics, cowboys on horses, longhorn cattle. It was perfect for my calm quilt!

I finished a Hot Pink X-Plus Quilt that I started at the first part of January.
It was fun to put the focus on the center with hot pink cute animal faces fabric.
(I realized after the quilt was finished that I made it wrong!
The X's are supposed to be going OUT.
I made them with the X's going IN, forming a circle.
I'm surprised how much it changes the look of the quilt.)

That's 8 quilt tops finished in one month!

So, my Mom is a Quilt Pusher! She encouraged me to work on old projects and get them finished and ready to quilt. I appreciate that! I really do! I'm excited to move on to the next projects! On to the February quilts!

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